About Us


DreamZon Ltd. is a company devoted to developing, manufacturing, and
marketing innovative products for the deaf and hard of hearing.
Our motto is "Simple – Design – Works". We believe in combining technological
innovation with simplicity, flexibility, and reliability.

DreamZon's vision is to develop products that make our customers’ day-to-day
routine easier, striving to eliminate any frustrating difficulties that our customers
face. We focus on developing best-of-breed products, with cutting-edge designs
that meet the highest, most rigorous standards.

DreamZon Ltd. operates in global markets, and partners with a number of
market-leading companies for distributing its flagship product – LightOn.

DreamZon is developing its next set of technology products, expected to improve everyday life for deaf and hard of hearing people around the world. Please follow us on Facebook for updates and new product releases.


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